EVERS Full Bicycle Wash Cleaner
EVERS Full Bicycle Wash Cleaner
EVERS Full Bicycle Wash Cleaner

EVERS Full Bicycle Wash Cleaner

Full Bicycle Wash Cleaner (480ml)

Simple foam cleaning that requires no water!
The foam removes grime!

EVERS Bicycle Coating transforms the actual clear layer on coating surfaces to a vitreous texture and provides hydrophilic performance that facilitates streaming of large droplets to protect frames against rust and other forms of corrosion.

The product can be used to clean bicycles without using water. (All that is required is wiping with no need to rinse with water.)
The cleaning power of the foam lifts and removes grime.
Cleanly removes grime for parts such as frames, tires, wheels, handlebars, saddles, chains, derailleurs, brakes and forks.
Gently cleans coated surfaces, rubber, metal, resin and other materials.
Simple, convenient foam cleaner with superb workability.

Hydrophilic coating that transforms the body into glass

This cleaner can be used not only on frames, but also on all other bicycle parts such as tires, chains and handlebars.
The cleaner can be used to gently clean parts regardless of constituent materials such as metal, rubber and resin.


  • All you need is a cloth to use this cleaner to give your bicycle a pristine finish anywhere at any time.
  • Because rinsing with water is not required, this cleaner can be used to clean all kinds of bicycles from town-riding to fully-fledged road types indoors, on verandas or at cycling expedition destinations.