EVERS Parts and Brake Cleaner

EVERS Parts and Brake Cleaner

Parts and Brake Cleaner (850ml)

Effective quick-drying and degreasing performance and capable of removing dirt such as oily grime and metallic powder produced by abrasion around all kinds of metal parts and brakes.
Effective for grease and oil degreasing.
Do not apply to coated surfaces, rubber or plastic.

  • fast drying and capable of powerful removal of all kinds of dirt such as oil and metallic powder through the synergistic effect of chemical cleaner and spray.
  • Free of substances such as ozone-depleting Freon solvents, the product is not subject to the Ordinance On Prevention of Organic Solvent Poisoning.


  • Removes moisture from fine particles on brake disks, drums and pad
  • Removes dirt such as oil and grease
  • Degreases coated or contact surfaces