Heat Patches (Body Warmer, Medical Device)

Heat Patches (Body Warmer, Medical Device)

With the establishment of Sanpo Chemical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hosho Corporation, we launched our disposable body warmer business in 1980.
In recent years, body warmer once unique to Japan, have also gained popularity overseas and become a necessary item in winter around the world.
While most disposable body warmers are disposed of as non-combustible garbage, we have developed an environmentally-friendly heat pad “Ecopokka”, which the content can be returned to the soil after use to reduce the amount of garbage.
“Ecopokka” is also used to promote sales and to distribute at all kinds of events.
Going beyond body warmers to keep warm, we acquired approval for heat patches for medical application as medical heat therapy product in 1990. We now supply to pharmaceuticals and medical device manufacturers both at home and abroad on an OEM basis.
The Hosho Group is committed to social contribution through our thermal products.

環境配慮型カイロ エコポッカ
Environmentally-friendly Ecopokka

Ecopokka is an environmentally-friendly disposable body warmer which the content can be returned to the soil after use.

Medical Heat Therapy Patch “Honobono Ace”

“Honobono Ace” is a medical heat therapy patch
for home use that can be applied directly to the affected area of the body and can provide heat therapy simply.

OEM Original Body Warmer

Our body warmers can be manufactured with original designs (made to order).
Not only can we supply products with gravure-printing but also with digital-printing in the case of small lots.

OEM Medical Heat Therapy Patch

We offer heat patch products both as heat therapeutic use and as sundry items on an OEM basis. Please ask not only about regular shape but also about the types that can be applied directly to the skin or clothing, and the other shapes (shaped to requirements).