Heat Patches (Body Warmer, Medical Device)
OEM Medical Heat Therapy Patch
OEM Medical Heat Therapy Patch
OEM Medical Heat Therapy Patch
OEM Medical Heat Therapy Patch
OEM Medical Heat Therapy Patch
OEM Medical Heat Therapy Patch
OEM Medical Heat Therapy Patch

OEM Medical Heat Therapy Patch

Demand for medical heat therapy patch is on the increase not only in Japan but also in Europe, America, China and other Asian countries and such goods have become readily available to consumers in shops such as local drugstores and pharmacies.
These products based on disposable body warmers are becoming available worldwide with the focus on heat therapeutic use.
In addition, demand is growing not only for products for heat therapeutic use, but also applications differing from conventional heat patch in the field of sundries, and, to respond to this demand, we accept consultation on OEM supply, including shapes and specifications.
The potential for heat patch is huge with the possibility of approaches to health in various ways.
We are able to manufacture disposable body warmer in both conventional and irregular shapes.

Standard item

Regular size13cm×9.5cm
Large size26.5cm×9.5cm
Mini size9.5cm×7cm
  • In approximately 30 years, the most manufactured and sold product both at home and abroad is standard square-shaped one
  • To date, we have manufactured approximately 260 million regular-size items for heat therapeutic use alone, with the total including the three standard sizes coming to approximately 360 million, and we also have a track record of supplying OEM products
  • Our subsidiary, Sanpo Chemical Co., Ltd., has acquired licenses for the manufacture and sale of medical device in Japan and ISO13485 accreditation, an international quality system standard.

Irregular-shaped Type

  • As well as the conventional standard square type, we can also produce irregular-shaped heat patch using multi-purpose manufacturing machinery.
  • In the field of irregular-shaped heat patch, we have been supplying heat pads for use as insoles on an OEM basis both in Japan and overseas since 2009.
  • We can produce a wide variety of shapes, ranging from simple round and gourd shapes to shapes contoured to specific body parts such as the lower back, the neck and shoulders and the knees.
  • Because it requires specialized equipment such as dies, production of made-to-order shapes involves a certain level of initial costs. Since the costs differ depending on the manufacturing machinery used, please feel free to ask about details.
  • Thermal goods are now commercially available not only for heat therapeutic use, but also as sundries. As well as seasonal goods, how about also planning for all-season products?