Heat Patches (Body Warmer, Medical Device)
OEM Original Heat Pads
OEM Original Heat Pads
OEM Original Heat Pads
OEM Original Heat Pads
OEM Original Heat Pads

OEM Original Heat Pads

We can manufacture original heat pads by changing the design of the film in which the heat pad is packed to match requirements.
The minimum lot size of products with a made-to-order design is 3,000, while we offer lots of approximately 3,000 to 50,000 with digital printing and lots of 50,000 or more with gravure printing.
For customers requiring short lead times for order-to-made designs, we recommend digital printing.
Please feel free to ask about quantities and lead times.

*While external films are printed with original designs, the content of all heat pad itself conforms to the specifications for our “Ecopokka.”

Digital Printing

  • AI data can be directly reflected in printing, eliminating the need for printing plates, thus reducing costs. In addition, since printing plates are not used, there is no need to recycle plates.
  • Multiple designs can be handled in a single printing run.
  • To reduce the time between order placement and delivery for made-to-order original designs for sales promotion, digital printing makes it possible to shorten time taken to check corrections to the design and therefore enables faster delivery than gravure printing.
  • We offer a minimum lot size of 3,000, thus reducing loss.
  • With a low incidence of misregistration, digital printing offers a vivid finish for small lettering and design details.
  • Since digital printing entails higher printing costs than gravure printing, the smaller the lot, the greater the cost merits of digital printing.

Gravure Printing

  • The deeper colors produced by gravure printing offer greater concealment of the content.
  • While, since it entails higher printing costs than gravure printing, digital printing offers greater cost and delivery merits in the case of small lot production, gravure printing offers cost merits for increased volumes printed matter.
  • Gravure printing requires printing plates and plates cost equivalent to the color count. In addition, gravure printing plates are recycled once a year.
  • Because it requires more time than digital printing for design corrections, gravure printing means longer lead times.