EVERS Ceramic Chain oil dry

EVERS Ceramic chain oil dry 220ml

Rust preventive lubricant that is, specially, superior to lubricity, abrasion resistance.


  • Thin dried film makes stickiness be checked, and oil itself is superior to rust preventive power and water resistance.
  • It is greatly useful to sports electric assist bikee-Bike, sports bike to say nothing of

electric assist bike.

  • Ceramic oil penetrating well into pin and bush of chain helps prevent friction of chain, assist gear, pulley, bushing, derailleur.
  • After a while following oil application, oil film is fixed that makes the oil unlikely to scatter

and superior to anti-dirt nature.

  • Excellent lubrication performance reduces friction so as to extend lifetime of various parts.
  • Adoption of “2 WAY cap” makes workability excellent and unlikely to lose nozzle.
  • Adoption of stainless nozzle makes oil reach narrow chink.