EVERS Long-lasting Rust Inhibitor

EVERS Long-lasting Rust Inhibitor

Long-lasting Rust Inhibitor (420ml, 3.8L, 18L)

Our ultra-high performance Long-lasting Rust Inhibitor was developed with the aim of realizing long-term storage of metal products in high-temperature, high-humidity environments during transportation.


Outstanding anti-rust performance
JIS-K-2246 salt spray test, 170 hours, Class A
Water displacement performance
Displaces water and forms an oil film directly on metal surfaces to prevent further contact with water.
Contains no harmful substances and poses no risk of oil stains (oxidized oil stains).
Cost Reduction – 1
Requires no water removal, anti-rust sheets or no inclusion of vapor-phase corrosion inhibitors, thus reducing costs and processes.
Cost Reduction – 2
Because the product does not solidify like grease, almost no after-treatment such as degreasing is required.
Cost Reduction – 3
Spaying, dipping and brush application – coating methods with high workability.
To remove, simply wipe with solvent or surfactant.