EVERS Metal Care

EVERS Metal Care

Metal Care (100ml, 340ml, 420ml, 3.8L, 18L)

Multi-purpose, penetrative, powerful lubricant type oil The outstanding penetration and lubrication enables smooth movement of all kinds of moving parts and immediately eliminates squeakiness. With outstanding water displacement properties, provides protection against all kinds of metal rust and corrosion and can also be used for chain lubrication. The cleaning effect removes solidified oil and grime to realize a beautiful metallic surface finish.
Ideal for regular maintenance.

Example: For maintenance and aftercare of automobiles, 2-wheeled vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery and golf-course machines.


Spray onto items such as rusty bolts and nuts.
Rusted components can be loosened after a while.
Spray onto parts with poor movement.
Parts will immediately move smoothly.
Rust Inhibition
Spray onto metal surfaces.
Protects all kinds of metal from rust.
Spay onto devices.
The dehumidification effect helps to restore functionality.
For maintenance of bicycles and bikes.
Simply wipe to remove thin rust and oily grime.