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Sentaku Magchan – Q&A

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I know that you’re supposed to put it in the washing machine together with the laundry, but is it more effective to leave it in longer?

The pH value of the water in the washing machine drum will not increase further once it has reached a certain level.
There are no problems with the effects within normal washing time (20 – 30 minutes).

How many kilograms of clothes can you launder with one Sentaku Magchan?

Sentaku Magchan is compatible with standard washing machines. One Magchan will handle 6 – 8kg in the washing machine drum.

Magchan is supposed to remove mold from the washing machine drum, but will accumulated grime already there peel and mix with the laundry during the wash?

Since Magchan does not dissolve mold, small peeled particles may become mixed with the laundry.

Will Magchan remove all kinds of grime? (e.g. Dirt on baseball uniform, oil stains)

According to test data from the manufacturer, it has been verified that Magchan has the same cleaning effects as commercially available detergents.

Is it all right to put bleach in together with Magchan?

Chlorine-types bleaches should be avoided.

Will softener still be effective if used together with Magchan?
Will the fragrance of softener remain?

Softeners may be used together with Magchan with no problem. The fragrance will remain.

Will the alkaline-ionized water concentration (pH value) reduce over time?

It hardly changes at all.

How do you know when to replace Magchan?

This cannot be determined form the weight or appearance, so it should be replaced about once a year.
(For example, affixed a seal to let you know the first day of use to a visible spot of the washing machine.)

For example, if you do laundry three times in one day (with the water changed each time, of course), will the effects be the same each time?

The effects will be the same.

Will the scraps of the magnesium oxide become mixed in with the laundry?

No scraps are produced, so the problem of mixture with the laundry is not an issue.

When the magnesium reduces and turns into powder with use over time, is there a risk of fire?

There is no risk of fire, so Magchan can be used with peace of mind.

I know that, when washing organic cotton items, more than one Magchan may be required depending on the weight of the wash load,
but will dirt be removed without detergent?

According to test data from the manufacturer, the sebum grime decomposition ratio of clothes washed with detergent and clothes washed with Magchan is more or less the same.
From the perspective of washing with the organic-cotton product concept of not using detergent; i.e. Not using chemicals, Magchan is recommended when washing organic cotton.

When you put in one Magchan, how long does it take for the washing water to become alkaline-ionized water with a value of Ph7.5 – 8.5?

Does this relate to the amount of washing water? (For example, it takes time to reach the prescribed value with a large amount of water, whereas the value is reached quickly with small amounts of water.)
There are no such problems with standard washing time (Approximately 20 – 30 minutes for a wash, rinse and spin cycle.)

Regarding the amount of water, the effects will manifest with a washing machine drum capacity of 6 – 8kg.
In front-loading-type washing machines that use a small amount of water, the water will become alkaline-ionized more quickly.