Cordless Soldering Irons
Gun-type Kotelyzer GT-01

Gun-type Kotelyzer GT-01

Featuring the L-shape specification of Kotelyzer 90 Auto II, the GT-01 can be held comfortably for long periods of time.
Like the 90 Auto II, furnished with an abundance of iron tips selectable to match work content.

Gun-type Kotelyzer GT-01


NameKotelyzer GT-01
Stock NumberGT-01
Dimensions170mm x 130mm
DeadweightApproximately 137g
Heat Output (Soldering Iron)Approximately 250℃-500℃
Equivalent to approximately 20W – 80W electric soldering iron
Heat Output (Hot-air Blower)Approximately 650℃
Gas Filling QuantityApproximately 12ml
Continuous usage time after a single fillingApproximately 60 minutes

Content of Gun-type Kotelyzer GT-01 Set

Stock NumberProduct NameIllustrative Drawing
70-01-01Iron Tip
70-01-52Hot-air Blower Tip
72-02Iron Tip cap
80-35Ejector Spanner

Gas-type Soldering Iron Gun-type Kotelyzer GT-01 Optional Parts

Iron Tip (Lead-free)

Hot-air Blower Tip

SUS Cover

Knurled Cap

Heat Shrink

Iron Tip cap

Hot Knife (Double-edged)

Ejector Unit