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Battery-type Cordless Soldering Iron BP650MP

BP650MP is a battery-type soldering iron used with alkaline dry batteries (AA x 3) that is easy to handle. Batteries and lead-free solder are included so that the product is ready for use immediately after purchase.

This is a really convenient compact, lightweight cordless soldering iron that is easy to carry and store.
With an amazingly-fast approximately 30-second startup, BP650MP can be used right away whenever necessary.
BP650MP is a brand product of Weller, a soldering iron manufacturer well-known around the world.


Total Length (Body and Iron Tip)Approximately 165mm
DeadweightApproximately 43g (not including batteries)
Heat Output (Soldering Iron)Approximately 480C
Power Consumption4.5W
Continuous usage timeApproximately 30 minutes
Startup TimeApproximately 30 seconds
Batteries used3 AA batteries

Content of Battery-type Cordless Soldering Iron BP650MP Set

Product NamePhotograph
Iron Tip cap
Lead-free solder
Iron Tip Remover

Battery-type Soldering Iron Micro-Solder

Micro-Solder is an automatic-ignition (one-touch button) battery-type cordless soldering iron.
Compact and lightweight, the unit is extremely easy to carry and store.
Furnished with a wide range of iron tips suitable for all kinds of applications.
The unit is
ready for use very quickly, whenever required, approximately 20 seconds after the button is pressed.

Stock NumberProduct NameIllustrative Drawing
R-02Iron Tip
110-02Iron Tip cap
110-30Iron Tip Remover
Power tip useMicro-tip usePower tip useMicro-tip use
Power Consumption9W8W9W8W
Iron Tip temperatureApproximately 500℃Approximately 520℃Approximately 420℃Approximately 480℃
連続使用時間Approximately 50 minutesApproximately 60 minutesApproximately 25 minutesApproximately 40 minutes
Total Length
(Body and Tip)
(not including batteries)
Batteries used3 nickel-metal hydride AA batteries (2000mAh)3 alkaline AA batteries

Battery-type Soldering Iron Micro-Solder

Power Iron Tip 9W Series (Lead-free-compatible)

Micro-Iron Tip 8W Series (Lead-free-compatible)