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Kotelyzer Auto-Mini

Kotelyzer Auto-Mini

Automatic-ignition Type

Kotelyzer Auto-Mini is a small, automatic ignition (one-touch button), gas-type soldering iron.
Compared to the standard and power Kotelyzer types, Kotelyzer Auto-Mini is lightweight, small and very easy to carry and store.
Usable for a wide variety of applications ranging from circuit-board soldering to use by amateur wireless enthusiasts and hobbies.
Equivalent to 15W – 60W electric soldering irons and usable for approximately 1 hour after a single filling of gas and furnished with soldering iron and hot-air blower functions.

Kotelyzer Auto-Mini Automatic-ignition Type


NameKotelyzer Auto-Mini
Stock Number91A
Total Length (Body and Iron Tip)Approximately 208mm
DeadweightApproximately 66g
Heat Output (Soldering Iron)Approximately 450℃
Equivalent to approximately 15W – 60W electric soldering iron
Heat Output (Hot-air Blower)Approximately 650℃
Gas Filling QuantityApproximately 14ml
Continuous usage time after a single fillingApproximately 1 hour 15 minutes

Content of Kotelyzer Auto-Mini Set

Stock NumberProduct NameIllustrative Drawing
91-01-01Iron Tip
91-02Iron Tip cap
91-01-52Hot-air Blower Tip

Gas-type Soldering Iron Kotelyzer Auto Mini Optional Parts

Iron Tip (Lead-free)

Hot-air Blower Tip

Hot Knife 91-01-53

Hot Cutter 91-01-05

Ejector Unit 91-07U

Iron Tip cap 91-02

Knurled Cap 91-14